About Us

TERACOMP ENGINEERING SERVICES Sdn Bhd is an engineering company specializing at providing professional and skillful engineers/technical human resources for various industries on contract/project/day rate basis.

The company is serving industries such as oil and gas, power plant, utility companies, electrical switchboard manufacturers as well as EPC/ PMC companies.

Established in January, 2008, we have a network of engineer specialists in various fields such as electrical, instrumentations and mechanical. Our team is highly experienced in respective field with solid hands-on skills as well as theoretical knowledge. Our team of specialist includes:

  • Switchboard commissioning engineer(400V to 33kV)
  • Switchboard design engineer(400V to 33kV)
  • Protection relay testing/programming specialist (For all types of make like ABB, Reyrolle, Siemens, Merlin Gerin, Areva etc.)
  • System studies specialist
  • Protection studies for electrical network specialist
  • Electrical & Instrumentations commissioning engineer
  • Fire fighting systems commissioning engineer
  • Rotating equipments engineer
  • Static equipment engineer (oil & gas)
  • Cathodic protection (piping) commissioning engineer
  • Piping welding specialist

A major strength of our company has been the ability to source and grow our team of high quality engineer to meet specific client requirements.